My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: CA car sold in IL.

Hi Guys,
I need some advice. I moved to CA to IL in July 2014. Sold my car to a guy in July 2014.

Here's the thing, my car had a salvaged title and I told him that from the very beginning. (in IL you can't sell salvaged cars. You have to use the Title rebuilder. ) and this was the reason my I sold my car because I didn't want to spend my money on title rebuilder fees.

Fast forward September 2014. I got 6 parking tickets and MORE. The guy never transferred the title. Talked to him, he said he didn't know that it was a salvaged title and said if he had known that it was, he wouldn't have bought it which is BS. I told him several times it was a salvaged title, that's why I sold the car very very cheap. I even told the guy who introduced us (my landlord's friend) that it was a salvaged title.

What I have:

  • -a written statement/bill of sale on which it states that I sold a car to him and we both signed it on JULY XXX 2014. This is not notarized.
  • -Witnesses. I have at least 3 witnesses when I sold the car. My landlord. My landlord's friend who introduced me to the buyer. and a neighbor of mine.
  • -A copy of Notice of Transfer and Liability that I mailed to DMV CA when I sold the car. I contacted DMV CA, they confirmed they received it and have this on file.

So my questions:

  • What do I do if doesn't transfer the title? It doesn't sound like he will, he said the cost he spends on a title rebuilder will cost more than the car itself? (I knew that. That's why I sold the car very cheap)
  • What can I do about these tickets? I went to the parking office today, they told me nothing they can do. All I can do is go to the hearing scheduled for these tickets and next month and hope for the best.
  • Can I sue this guy? Can I call police on him? What do I do?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.