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    Default Getting Parking Tickets on a Car I Sold, Title Was Not Registered by the Buyer

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: CA car sold in IL.

    Hi Guys,
    I need some advice. I moved to CA to IL in July 2014. Sold my car to a guy in July 2014.

    Here's the thing, my car had a salvaged title and I told him that from the very beginning. (in IL you can't sell salvaged cars. You have to use the Title rebuilder. ) and this was the reason my I sold my car because I didn't want to spend my money on title rebuilder fees.

    Fast forward September 2014. I got 6 parking tickets and MORE. The guy never transferred the title. Talked to him, he said he didn't know that it was a salvaged title and said if he had known that it was, he wouldn't have bought it which is BS. I told him several times it was a salvaged title, that's why I sold the car very very cheap. I even told the guy who introduced us (my landlord's friend) that it was a salvaged title.

    What I have:

    • -a written statement/bill of sale on which it states that I sold a car to him and we both signed it on JULY XXX 2014. This is not notarized.
    • -Witnesses. I have at least 3 witnesses when I sold the car. My landlord. My landlord's friend who introduced me to the buyer. and a neighbor of mine.
    • -A copy of Notice of Transfer and Liability that I mailed to DMV CA when I sold the car. I contacted DMV CA, they confirmed they received it and have this on file.

    So my questions:

    • What do I do if doesn't transfer the title? It doesn't sound like he will, he said the cost he spends on a title rebuilder will cost more than the car itself? (I knew that. That's why I sold the car very cheap)
    • What can I do about these tickets? I went to the parking office today, they told me nothing they can do. All I can do is go to the hearing scheduled for these tickets and next month and hope for the best.
    • Can I sue this guy? Can I call police on him? What do I do?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Getting Parking Tickets on a Car I Sold, Title Was Not Registered by the Buyer

    Your car had California plates at the time you sold it? You filed the Notice of Transfer, with its being received and processed by California prior to the issuance of any of the parking tickets, providing the new owner's name and address? The car is being driven with the California plates, formerly registered to you, still attached?

    If so, when you spoke with the municipalities that issued the tickets, and documented to them that you had filed the Notice of Transfer prior to the issuance of tickets, what was their explanation for their contacting you about the tickets rather than the buyer identified on the Notice of Transfer? If they gave a bureaucratic shrug and told you to contest the tickets, you can see if you can talk to a supervisor or consider scheduling a hearing and seeing how the hearing officer responds to your documentation.

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    Default Re: Getting Parking Tickets on a Car I Sold, Title Was Not Registered by the Buyer

    You have filed a notice of transfer but the buyer has not completed the transaction with California DMV. When that happens and anyone runs a registration check through the automated system, it comes back with the your information but with a flag stating "Notice of Transfer" on file. The automated system does not contain any information as to who the vehicle was supposedly sold to because vehicles may change hands several times (auto dealers, wholesalers) before a permanent owner claims ownership and registers it in their name.

    Most likely Illinois is unaware of the release from liability California law provides when a notice of transfer is filed. Because only your information appears when they run a registration check, they just assume you are liable and are nailing you for the unpaid tickets.

    You are going to need at least five things for your hearing.

    1. You copy of the bill of sale

    2. your copy of the DMV notice of transfer.

    3. Something in writing from California DMV acknowledging receipt of the notice of transfer and the date it was received on.

    4. A copy of Section 5602 of the California Vehicle Code which exempts you from liability for parking tickets issued on the vehicle after a notice of transfer has been filed pursuant to Section 5900 of the Vehicle Code.

    5. A copy of Section 5900 of the California Vehicle Code explaining how a notice of transfer is to be filed.

    As a side note, the California has a program called Cheaters, that vigorously pursues its residents who fail to obtain California registration on out of state registered cars. You may want to determine whether your state has a similar program and if so, report the purchaser of your vehicle. They will compel him to make the appropriate changes in ownership and registration, ending what could be an ongoing problem for you.

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