Sorry for my English.

I have quite simple question - Where we (International Legal System - ILS) will arrive when system start to fail (see below examples)?

1) Committee on Enforced Renaissances refuse to act with written explanation (Decision) that is about the "dispute of custody rights" case (victims are adults???).

P.S. Case is full with authentically official documents (more than hard to get when Security Service organize all), but CED simply don't want to react.


It is no remedy on such of political decision. What is the purpose of entire ILS????

2) ECHR continuously "keep on ICE" the case where more than two years ago already exists final outcome in basically identical case ("legally solved issue"). Remain just part of compensation order.

ECHR strikes from the list case(s) (two), as allegedly domestically remedies wasn't exhausted (Constitutional Appeal) and/or victims allegedly didn't informed the Court about the same question (exists DHL confirmation of post delivery). Ironically, in booth cases Constitutional Appeal was forged and NEVER PROCEEDED by government.


It is no remedy on such of political decisions ("ICE" and "strikes"). What is the purpose of entire ILS????

3) "Main" European Union countries embassies refuses to ensure Consular protection for Union citizen like victim of criminal acts (outcome of decisions are that victim was also became assassinated after two months). European Commission open the case (appellant documentary proves discrimination with "domestic" Union citizens in EQUAL situation), but refuses to act upon it (to open infringement procedure). On assassination, all of them 100% ignoring information of case development.


It is no remedy on such of political decision (in theory exists, Court and/or Ombudsman, but ....). What is the purpose of entire ILS????


Is it some remedy what can affect ("force") international authorities to respect the ILS ?

If not, is it ILS made for "powerful s" to be more powerful (to use the system arbitrary in the way what they need it)?

Question looks stupid, but it is pragmatic and it should to be clearly published and so call international justice authorities will not be anymore "overloaded" with cases if it will be clear that they are just political tool (joystick).


Any idea about effective legal remedies (will be very welcome), as above is real examples and not theoretical???

Or .... any international organization with real authority to ask above so call legal authorities about the statements related to the facts (I will lodge the proves for claims)?