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    Default Green Card Residency Exception for Overseas Employment

    Dear fellow members,
    I am in dire need for a professional advice. My situation is as follows: I have been living the working in the US ( United Nations)on a G4 visa for over seven years. I have been married to a US citizen for over three years and we have two beautiful kids. I recently got a promotion and as a result I would be reassigned to Africa, consequently I would no longer have the G4 visa. I did a basic research on applying for LPR status (greencard) which indicated that one of the criteria is to have continuous physical presence in the US. In my situation, I would be absent almost 80% of the year which may hinder my chances of obtaining my greencard. The purpose of the greencard is to eventually apply for citizenship through naturalization. Are there any exemption or special cases to deal with my prolonged absence, green card application and naturalization?

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    Default Re: Green Card Exception Overseas Employment

    You would apply as a green card holder for an I-131 re-entry permit.

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