My question involves traffic court in the State of: California (not really a question)

A little over a year ago, my co-worker, Gerard, told me he had received a Traffic Citation. I had previously talked with him at work about these and about how to fight them, although I'm not an attorney and I don't give legal advice. He said that the citation was for speeding on the 101 Freeway near Chatsworth, CA and that he didn't know how fast he was going (on his motorcycle).

I told Gerard what I would do if I were in his situation and he filed an Informal Discovery Request, and he requested as many extensions as possible. Significant delays were approved.

Although the CHP Officer had noted "MVARS" on the citation, no discovery information was ever provided throughout the delay period, either by the DA or by the CHP. Gerard requested Trial By Declaration, in part because the prosecution had compromised his ability to defend himself by not complying with discovery. Less than a week ago, he was informed that he had been acquitted and that the Court would be refunding his bail within 60 days.

I don't know whether the officer responded to the TBD.