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    Default Restoring a License After Revocation Due to an Out-of-State DUI

    This one is a long story and I was told a DUI lawyer couldn't help me.
    I got a DUI in Washington DC May 29th 2014
    But my charge happened feb of 2013
    Washington DC pushed back my court many times. However I went to DC's DMV court on April 22 2013 and my license was revoked for a year. They reported to Virginia as well then today
    Aug 30th 2014
    I got a notice saying virginia is revoking my license and I have to do all the requirements I had to do DC.
    I didn't get another DUI in VA so I don't understand how I'm being punished
    In two different areas. When I already completed the alcohol safety program in dc. It seems a little unusual and very wrong that this is happening.
    I want to know what can be done about this?

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    Default Re: DUI in Dc but Va is Revoking My License


    Do the requirements all over again if you have to.

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    Default Re: DUI in Dc but Va is Revoking My License

    If the requirements include VASAP and you did a DC course, they may be willing to accept that. The other requirements (insurance, reinstatement fee, etc...) you're stuck with.

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