My question involves unemployment benefits :

I apologize in advance if this is long to read - but here goes. I lived in NY up until June of this year, and was working full time as a Nurse with a local nursing company on a full time case for 1 1/2 years. The company was very poor in their staffing, and often left nurses mandated (made to stay for double shifts or more when another nurse did not show up) -- there were several documented cases where I was scheduled to work 3-11pm, and was made to stay until 7am the next day (16 hours) because the company refused to staff an on-call nurse for emergencies. On April 21, after several of these issues and me addressing them to management to no avail, I was mandated to work a 20.5 hour shift, because two nurses did not show up for their shift. I was exhausted, became very disoriented and dizzy, and feared for my patient's safety as well as my own. I was finally relieved at 10am the next day (started said shift at 3pm on April 20). I immediately emailed the HR Manager and Administrator explaining the dire situation and requesting that something be done about these mandates, as it had become an issue of patient safety at this point. The email was documented, saved, and ignored by the HR Manager and Administrator. I received no written response, nor did I receive an apology for the mandates. Being a nurse, this was not acceptable, as I have a license to protect -- and the company did not seem to care much about this. So, I gave proper three week notice, citing this issue and relocated to California (where family is from) shortly after to get work.

Now, they have protested my claim and my benefits are on HOLD until it is decided whether I am eligible- they are listing me as a voluntary quit, which it was not (with Good Cause). I wanted to remain there for longer, as I had bonded very much with my patient. My question is - what kind of case should I present? How likely is it that they will win this, given that the reason I left was patient safety AND nurse safety, as well as the fear of losing my license in the event I made a medication error ? From what I am told, this is not yet an Employer Appeal, but rather just a protest of my approval (which is odd, considering I have already received a paid week - shouldn't they have to appeal this?) Please advise -- I have no idea how NYS does this. I have all paperwork (emails) saved and am preparing a written statement. Thank you in advance for your help !