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    Default Confiscated Disability Pass

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: california

    i have a question about a confiscated disability placard.
    Okay, so I was parking at a Rose Bowl event in Pasadena, and my mother, who's disability placard was issued for, was currently not in the car, but I was going to meet up with at the event itself. However, i got there earlier than she did, as she was riding in someone else's car at the moment and was going to get dropped off, so I decided to meet her inside the stadium. she was not within reasonable distance at the moment. her handicap pass was inside my car, and I decided to use it to park closer to the stadium so my mom could leave with me faster after the event.

    The security (I couldn't distinguish her uniform between police and stadium security) tried to double check the disability pass and asked for the registration. When she saw that my mom was not in the car, she asked who the person the pass was issued for, and she confiscated it and asked me to turn around. She started getting intimidating so I tried to leave as soon as possible. She said that she was going to mail back the placard back to my mom, but since i was a bit scared and didn't want to annoy her, i didn't ask what the procedure was going to be. I didn't give her any more information, and she didn't ask if my mom was going to come back with me

    It is important to note that i never parked the car, and she confiscated the placard before I entered the parking area. She didn't physically give me a parking violation nor any other information, and she asked me to leave the premises as soon as possible.

    My questions are:
    1. How will the officer mail back the placard? Will the officer have to mail it back to the DMV, will my mom ever get back her placard, or will she have to apply for a new one? What is the process of this issue?
    2. Will I get a parking violation in the mail for misuse of disabled parking in the mail? Like I said before, she didn't physically give me a ticket and I never parked my car in a disabled parking space, as she told me to turn around after she confiscated the placard.
    3. Who do i contact about tracking down the parking placard? Will i have to just wait for anything to come in the mail?

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    Default Re: Confiscated Disability Pass

    1. They might not.

    2. You should, but unless they are off duty officers you likely skipped out on a deserved ticket.

    3. If it does not show up, buy mom a replacement and have her record that as lost.

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    Default Re: Confiscated Disability Pass

    I think displaying the placard without the disabled person being in the vehicle was illegal and that's what got it confiscated even though you didn't actually park in a handicapped spot.

    From now on put it face down or in the glove compartment or console if your mother is not in the vehicle with you.

    Common sense.

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