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    Default Charged With Assault of My Elderly Parents

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California
    I was notified today that I have to go to court in less than a week for assault charges on my mom and dad which are senior citizens. I live with them but was never notified. And nobody handed any paperwork to me. Detectives came to my apartment and told me they filed the paperwork the other day and were pressing on me going to court or a warrent will be issued and go to jail. I even looked up any court dates that I had for and theres nothing on that says I have to be there. What does this tell you? Because I think and feel that this is bullshit and a trap (which is irrelevant) . The judge and I have history and the police are close with my dad.

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    Default Re: Help

    I suggest you keep your mouth shut except to talk to a criminal attorney ASAP.

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    Default Re: Help

    No one is going to tell you to not go to court. Your post isn't very clear, but if you are summoned to court you better go. You said you can't find anything where you "looked up" your dates. If you're referring to online, those things take a few days to update. If the cops give you a court date, you go on that date or you will be arrested.

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