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    Default Out-of-State Suspension for Refusing a Chemical Test

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: RI

    My situation seems to be a unique one:

    2 years ago, I was driving in CT with an RI license, and refused a chemical test, was charged with chemical test refusal. DUI #1. I then moved to CT, changed my address, and was given a CT driver's license, although I did not drive because I had my license suspended in the state of RI for the chemical test refusal and DUI. I then received a second DUI later that year in the state of CT, at which point my CT license was valid, and had the license suspended again. I went to court and was charged with 2 first offenses, received fines and 2 years probation with community service. I completed community service, and a breathalyzer system installed, and was moved from probation to unsupervised probation. I recently moved to MA and probation was made aware of the fact that I was commuting, and I was up for early termination of probation. Last night I was pulled over in RI, and they claimed I had a suspended license in the state of RI, even though I was driving with my valid CT license and proof of reinstatement letters from the state of CT. I went to the RI DMV today and had it straightened out, I was unaware that I needed to pay a fee to have the suspension of my RI license lifted, to be able to have the privilege of driving in RI back. I paid the fee, and I'm now legally able to drive in all states again. The DMV gave me a copy of a letter that they said they sent me, explaining that I would need to pay the fee in order to reinstate my license and have driving privilege back. I never received this letter, as the address they had listed on the letter to me didn't even have my zipcode. I wasn't aware I'd need to reinstate driving privileges in RI because I had a valid CT license, and was no longer a RI resident. I'm wondering what the consequences of this could be, I read that its a $500 fine and 10 days in jail; however I feel I have a defense since it was more of a confusion, and I had full permission from probation in the state of CT to commute from MA through RI to CT every day. I've also read numerous places that the states are linked as far as suspensions, so I don't understand how I could've even been licensed in CT with an active RI suspension.

    Any help would be great!

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    Default Re: Out-of-State Suspension for Refusing a Chemical Test

    It would be best to hire a lawyer to present your case. Based on the story you have presented it does not appear any criminal intent was present, nor was the suspension currently a criminal matter. You might get the charge dismissed by a sympathetic prosecutor or judge.

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    Default Re: Out-of-State Suspension for Refusing a Chemical Test

    This situation isn't unique at all. Happens all the time. You're going to need an attorney because your attempt to straighten this out yourself will fall on deaf ears.

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