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    Question How to Remove a Co-Owner From the Deed

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Maryland

    My husband, the co-borrower of our mortgage was recently deported.

    He signed the quit-claim deed form, however I could not get a notary to sign it because he was incarcerated during the signing of the form, and the notary who was also a correctional officer said that because my husband was incarcerated under an alias, he could not verify his true identity.

    I informed him (the notary) that his job was only to swear against his legal identity of his state issued driver's license (duh), but he said no.

    Obviously I can't do anything about that situation as today, he is deported.

    I can't get the quit claim deed notarized.

    What other options do I have to remove his name from the deed so I can sell my home?


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    Default Re: How to Remove a Co-Owner From the Deed

    I think you're stuck until you can get him to sign a quit claim deed in front of a notary who can verify his identity.

    But do feel free to consult an attorney and see if you have any options.

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    Default Re: How to Remove a Co-Owner From the Deed

    Does the country where your husband has been deported to have officials who function like Notaries and will be recognized by Maryland? Does your husband have proof of his ID that these officials will accept?. Is there a rush to get these documents signed?

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