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    Default Consequences of a Civil Infraction for Possession of Marijuana

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

    My daughter was recently given a citation for possession of a small amount of marijuana, which in Ann Arbor is a civil infraction. It's a $50 fine; however, I'm wondering if this could hurt or effect her down the road. I know it's not technically a "criminal charge," but if you pay the fine, you're admitting to drug possession, and if someone wants to look at your record, they'll be able to see you were ticketed for marijuana possession, correct?

    For instance, if you wanted to join the military, or be licensed to be a social worker or something, would they be able to see it, and could it be used to determine eligibility for service or licensing?

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    Default Re: Consequences of a Civil Infraction for Possession of Marijuana

    A civil infraction will not show up on a criminal record check, and civil infractions (other than traffic offenses for jobs that involve driving) are generally not the subject of pre-employment inquiry. However, for jobs that require a security clearance, any illicit drug use during a period of years prior to the application can affect eligibility, and questions of past drug use can arise in certain contexts even in the absence of any police or court history.

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