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    Default A Website Created an Email in My Wife's Name and Sent It to Me

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: CA

    I just got the following email this morning:

    [A quick reminder about


    A few days ago I sent you an invitation to try LastPass, a program that I use to help me manage my passwords.
    It makes browsing easier and more secure and it's really simple to use!

    You can download it for free at URLforLastPass.


    This email was sent to MyEmailAddress.
    If you no longer wish to receive our emails, please UNSUBSCRIBE.

    Your security is our priority.
    Never share your Master Password with anyone, including us!]

    I asked my wife if she had signed up for LastPass. She said yes.
    I asked her if she had sent me an email telling me about that and asking if I wanted to sign up. She said yes, but it was quite a while ago. I searched for it and couldn't find it. Very likely I deleted it.
    I asked if she had composed the email herself. She couldn't remember .
    I asked what kind of passwords she was using it for, hopefully no email, credit card, bank accounts, etc, just trivial stuff. She confirmed . But, I still worry .

    If my wife used LastPass software to generate the email she remembers sending me, then I'm sure that somewhere along the way she agreed (whether she realized it or not) to let LastPass do what they just did, to send me reminders of it. However, if she didn't use LastPass to write it, is it illegal for LastPass to essentially forge an email using my wife's name simply because she signed up for their service?

    P.S. - I unsubscribed. I have my own methods for keeping track of passwords, off the Web. I would never trust LastPass or any other Web-based service to keep my passwords safe.

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    Default Re: A Website Created an Email in My Wife's Name and Sent It to Me

    If your wife authorized the website to send out an invitation email, then she authorized the email. You appear to be stating that she authorized the email but that it was sent later than she expected -- even if the transmission was delayed, under those facts it was still authorized by her. (From the text you posted, this actually appears to be a second invitation email, a follow-up because you didn't reply to a first or because the first transmission was spam filtered.)

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    Default Re: A Website Created an Email in My Wife's Name and Sent It to Me

    Sounds like your wife submitted your email address along with hers. No it is not illegal. You unsubscribed so let it be done.

    FYI: Unsubscribing on a lot of these websites only puts you on someone else's mailing list.

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    Default Re: A Website Created an Email in My Wife's Name and Sent It to Me

    Thanks for both replies, and after reading many other threads and responses, I'm getting a feel for the rules and the culture of the forums. It's actually very disciplined, which is nice. No answers to anything hypothetical or speculative, such as "could they do this without my wife agreeing to it" when there is no evidence they did that.

    Re: unsubscribing, I know the drill. I spend a lot of time doing that to organizations which send stuff to my work email - I'm a teacher - trying to sell me degree programs, school supplies, etc. It's like whack-a-mole though. Get rid of ten and a few weeks later ten more appear.

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