My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Missouri

My wife filed for divorce, and 2 days later packed my daughters (5.5yo) and her things up while I was at work and moved. She relocated 3 hours away in Kansas, and only told me about the divorce/relocation as they were leaving town.

I have been providing a nominal amount of child support, as well as voluntary helping my wife with bills. After 5.5 months, at a pre-trial conference with a judge, she is bringing up allegations if child abuse in response to me wanting my daughter to live closer. During this time I have had my daughter 41% of the time, and even had my wife sign and notarized a letter that let me take my daughter in a 2 week vacation with a stop outside of the US.

There are absolutely no medical or police reports to corroborate the abuse claims. I do discipline my daughter by spanking, and that is what my wife has a problem with.

Currently there will be a guardian ad litum assigned to investigate the claims. Does anyone know what exactly the guardian ad litum will be considering, and what are my chances if getting my daughter back into the state?