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    Post Admitted to a Pyschiatric Facility Due to a Wrongful Baker Act Report

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: Florida
    I was painting in my backyard and could hear someone pounding on my front door. I yelled around saying, "WHO IS KNOCKING UP THERE, IM IN MY BACK YARD" The next thing I know there are at least 4 Deputies bursting thru my side fence gate, and then The BIG DEPUTY screamed at me, "PUT THAT PAINT ROLLER DOWN NOW! DO YOU HEAR ME PUT THAT PAINT ROLLER DOWN NOW" As I walked to put it in the pan, my cell phone, notification, "Ding, Ding' went off and the deputy like raced to my phone told me DONT TOUCH it, and grabbed my cell phone and said, Is your sons name Shannon? and I said NO, and he starts reading outloud the reply in regards to me sending her a pic of an ugly frog that was sitting in my tree, asking, "Would you kiss him on the lips for $100.00" and he replys HELL NO NO WAY!
    SO I have to say, I was afraid to say anything. My can of diet pepsi sat next to my phone and I Picked up the can of diet pepsi taking a drink and he screamed at me like Seargant Carter screamed at Gomer, "PUT DOWN THAT DIET PEPSI NOW, PUT IT DOWN!

    So He then tells me that my "MINOR DAUGHTER WHO WAS IN OHIO called on me regarding something I said in a text msg. I dont have a MINOR daughter, however I do have an 11 year old son that is in Ohio with his dad visiting his Nana. My son who was in Ohio had been empowered by my mother, to call me a liar, hang up the phone when he felt like it, and he also did this to his two older brothers as well. He started an agurment with me about an hour before, and I told him NOT to call me and I had to charge my phone and I was leaving, meaning going out back to paint.

    So my 11 year old sent a picture of a "CUTTER's" arm with too many slices up the arm, to his 21 year old Son, also in Ohio but two hours from my younger son, and he also sent the pic to my son who is 19yrs old and at home with me. My 21 yr old son, about 5 minutes before the Deputy came in my back yard, sent the picture to MY CELL phone and wrote somehting, but I cant tell you. My 21 yr old son, DIDNT Believe for a minute that this was my wrist.
    My 11 yr old son has been fussing with me and both the 19 yr old and 21 year old.

    The Deputy took possession of my cell phone HE DIDNT ASK MY PERSMISSION at all.
    He saw the pic my 21 yr old son sent to me and said there there it is, YOU SENT THIS TO your 11 yr old son, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. and then took me in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY. He told me I was going to be LOCKED up for 72 hours or baker acted. I informed him I did not feel I would harm myself or anyone else and I didnt have a mental health issue. He said that YOU sent the picture to your son, and that is enough to make this happen. He also went back in my house took my wallet with was UNZIPPED and my wallet was missing 100.00 in cash and a 5.00 bill. I dont think he stole my money, I think the money was lost along the way, My son found a $5.00 bill by my front door the next morning. He handcuffed me and put me in the police car took me to A hell hole like one flew over the coo coo nest. I sat there a couple hours, and when I was asked questions the intake girl believed that I was not baker act material, and I have insurance, so she told me she would tranfer me out to one of 3 different hosptials. SHe then said, the ER dr could rescind the baker act and that would be that. So two hours later, this "Very nice" girl becomes evil person she informs me that there is a problem with my insurance and she doenst know what? She said there is a member number or some number they want. So i tell her I had an email regarding a EOB I received in my email since I had brokjen my leg, so she gives me my phone and I find the email log in and looking for the number, well in about two minutes the other girl each time I suggest can you do this? She starts using non verbals and body language of, "IM CRAZY and YAWN." SO she then says, that they wont be able to call anyone until monday morning and its 530am Saturday mornking, and I have no choice but to be admitted there. She also told me that a dr would be in between 8am and 12pm and he would rescind the baker act.
    WELL I DIDNT SEE A DOCTOR and was ADMITTED To a Mental Health Facility that was barbaric, and awful in every way. THE RN asked me what happened, and I told her and she told me in a manner like Im a liar she cant believe what I was saying, since what the Police officer wrote there was nothing that matched up. She asked to see my arms, as in the the anterior and posterios pf my arms, and forearms...So the RN asks persmission to speak to my 19yr old son who was at home and tells me to leave. I was locked into a room after that, 1030 am until at leave afgter 5pm. That was when the insurance girl came asked me if she could call my son about my insarnce card whihc was at home. I said yes.

    I laid in a bed and slept as much as I was able to. I was given the first meal and something to drink at around 6pm. (16 hours after arriving.)

    It was in the am when the RN demanded me to give an urine sample in such an abusive nasty demaning voice...and i gave it and went to her office t0 talk. I told her Please dont ever speak to me like you did, and stopped, she knew i was a CCRN, and I said, ready to cry, what do i have to do to get out of here. so she tells me ill see the dr in 10 min. I answered the dr questions, and he says, DISCHARGED. I DONt take any medications speciafully any psych drugs. about 15 min later Chris calls me into her office and says to me, I want for you to read what the police officer wrote, and the Dr told me you need to file a griavance. SO the cop wrote, UPON ENTERING MY BACK YARD I had INFLICTED CUT WOUNDS ON BOTH WRISTS AND WAS BLEEDING from them, and I was baker acted.
    THERE WAS NO CUTS, on my arms, and Ive NEVER BEEN A CUTTER. I got out of the place and the next day i got a copy of the POLICE INCIDENT Report and again, there were several things WRONG, MY NAME SPELLING, MY SONS name was listed with a name other than his NAME, and HIS RACE was listed as somehting he isnt. (MY HUSBAND AND SON ARE IN OHIO)
    And there was the LIE in the report that I granted him persmission to look at my cell phone text msgs and THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG, my son knows this also.
    The sheriff replies to my email and gave me a name of a man tthat will contact me but it wouldnt be that day. SO 3 days later, havent heard from anyone and I emailed the sheriff again, and I got a reply email from him telling me the SUPERVISOR tried to get ahold of me but my phone number wont go thru he said he dials your number and nothing happens, so I replied and gave him my cell phone number in case he made a mistake.

    I was held basically against my will, or kidnapped, and on top of all this, I do have insurance and was told if they couldnt get my insuracne I wolud get bill for a couple thousand dollars, basially to be treated like a wild animal and given food that my dogs wouldnt eat.
    I HAVE MY SON and how he treated me and what he said.

    HELP ME? What does the floida laws say about WRONGFULLY baker acting someonoe, using a fraudlent report

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    Default Re: Admitted to a Pyschiatric Facility Due to a Wrongful Baker Act Report

    Take the police report and your complete medical record from your hospitalization to a civil rights lawyer in your state for review.

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