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    Default Name Change Petition is Not Moving Forward in Court

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: Missouri

    Hello all,

    I filed a petition of name change in June. I did not receive a hearing date, but had heard that judgment could be entered without my appearance and so on. But after several weeks of it just sitting there, I began to think something was wrong.

    I asked a question on here about publication, which in my understanding was to happen after judgment was entered, so I left it at that.

    I did call the clerk and ask about a hearing date, but was told lawyers take care of this and that I needed a lawyer. I really didn't think I did, but scheduled a consultation with one anyway.

    The lawyer went over the paperwork, said it was all done correctly, and he had no idea why I was not given a hearing date or why on earth it is still just sitting there. He looked over other name change cases he did and determined that perhaps I needed a notice of hearing to file with the court. Scheduled me for August 18th at 11:00, and still pro se. I signed the notice of hearing date and filed it with the court. The court has yet to show my case in the docket and here we use casenet...and that filing isn't listed there, either.

    If everything is done correctly, why on earth wouldn't things move forward? I did have them stamp a copy of the notice of hearing per the lawyer's instructions, so I have proof, but I just don't understand...

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    Default Re: Name Change Petition is Not Moving Forward in Court

    Confirm with the court that your notice of hearing is recorded in the calendar entries for the case. Confirm with your lawyer that you did everything you were supposed to do to get your case on the docket when you filed your notice of hearing.

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    Default Re: Name Change Petition is Not Moving Forward in Court

    Thank you. Much appreciated! I'm pro-se, so I don't technically have a lawyer but I may call the one I had the consultation with and double check with him.

    Thanks again.

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