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    Default Will Your Employer Continue to Defend You in a Lawsuit After You Resign

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: PA
    I am currently being defended by my self insured health system against a civil [not malpractice] law suit involving defamation of character in the context of my work. The suit could drag out for years. My question is, if I leave employment at my current health system, are they obligated to continue defending me for a civil case including appeals, etc? Or could they dump me and say since you are no longer employed here, you're on your own? Thanks for any direction on this, if there is a better forum to get info on this, please advise. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Will Your Employer Continue to Defend You in a Lawsuit After You Resign

    I've never come across any law that requires an employer to continue to defend you.

    if you don't have a contract with your employer that specifies that you continue to be defended after you resign, then they have no obligation to continue defending you after you resign.

    However, if your employer was named in the lawsuit along with you, it might be in your employer's best interest to continue providing a defense lest you turn against them.

    Unfortunately, that's only guesswork and nobody can predict what your employer would do if you resigned.

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