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    Default Old debt purchased by junk debt collector

    I have a junk debt collector who bought a debt from a previous creditor of mine. The previous debt occured years ago, and the last payment was made in early 1999.

    According to the letter they sent me, they are requesting that I send a payment or the arrangement I made with them will be void and the entire debt will be due. I have not made an arrangement with them.

    I went online and got copies of my credit report from all 3 agencies, and I do not have a debt listed on my credit report from this debt collection company.

    I do see where they got a copy of my credit report last year, and october of this year.

    The SOL for my state (Alabama) is 3 years. It's been well over 3 years since I made any attempt to pay this debt.

    Do you know what my next step should be to stop this creditor (NCO) from calling me? I've heard of a cease and desist letter, and my question is, if I send them one, will they sue me?



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    Default Re: Old debt purchased by junk debt collector

    They will not sue you. Send in the letter with a demand for verification. Even though the SOL is past and it has been seven years, credit collection agencies will continue to hound you.

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