My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Illinois

Hello all, let me start from the beginning:

About a month and a half ago, I was involved in a very mild car accident, in which I rear-ended another vehicle. I received a ticket for "failure to reduce my speed to avoid an accident", which I've never even heard of before.
I went to court and I accepted to declare myself guilty, pay the fine, go to traffic school and be in court supervision for six months (ending in December), with the incentive that it would be off my record.
The judge and the clerk told me I didn't have to pay right there to sign up for driving school, as long as I did it before October, and since I didn't have cash, I decided to send the payment later.

Today, July 7th, I got a ticket for speeding (85 on a 70) but I am not required to go to court and received an application for court supervision and traffic school from a different county. The cop told me that if I did this, this ticket would go away.

My questions are:
Am I already in court supervision, even if I haven't paid the fine or registered for traffic school?
If I apply for this second court supervision, from a different county, will I get approved?
What will happen with my original court supervision and how will that look on my record?
What should I do with this second ticket?

Meanwhile, I am abstaining from driving while I figure this out, as I need sometime to think and I do not want to risk getting another citation.

Any help and advice will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!