Thank You to those who replied. The info by the members of this forum helped to reduce the stress and I appreciate it more than words can say. I moved several weeks ago. I ended up having to stay about 3 weeks longer than I was suppose. I did have to call the toll free number listed with Know Your Options for info. They were very helpful. The man at the realty company bent over backwards to work with me because he knew I was trying to move.

For others who are faced with the same situation in the future, I have 3 things to say. This forum is informative and the members here will try and help you as best they can. Read the details of Know Your Options, if you have questions call the toll free number listed. Be Polite to All of the people you have to deal with. As hard as it may be to believe this, having to move under these circumstances can be a Blessing. The additional money can help in many ways.