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    Default Former State's Attorney Willing to Answer Questions

    My question involves child support in the State of: Illinois, preferably

    I was an assistant states attorney for 3 years and spent about a year doing child support enforcement. I see mostly good advice here, but I can answer some questions if folks would like.

    Admitted in November 2008 to IL bar.

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    Default Re: Former Child Support Asa in Il

    Very good. We generally don't do introductions around here... but jump on in whenever you feel the need (just be right). What other types of law did you practice the other 2 years? There's a need for some new criminal blood 'round these parts.

    Welcome to the fold!

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    Default Re: Former Child Support Asa in Il

    Thanks . I did criminal defense in cook co for about a year, then became a prosecutor. I mostly did domestic violence with some DUI, dope, theft, etc. Got moved into child support after 2 years. Currently in the military.

    Might be a bit rusty, but I did a lot of support hearings and remember a bit.

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