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    Default Ok Councilors This Applies to the Entire Legal System. Got a Response

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: USA and British Commonwealth

    What if every Judge and BAR temple member received or had to rule on this. Think deeply about it.

    I, a private, sovereign entity residing in the state of Your State, one of the states united on the American continent hereby inform you John Doe, Honorable and duly appointed Attorney General of and for the state of Your State and legal representative of and for the United States Corporation and its parent Crown Corporation and Vatican Corporation, a privately owned corporate union that a severe and life threatening breach of justice has been perpetrated upon my private vessel within your legal jurisdiction. Said vessel was duly moored and secured by the dock at its berth located at 666 Anywhere St. Your State, usA, Continent of America on Birthday when at approximately Time of Birth knowing and/or unknowing representatives and professionals in the employ of the United States Corporation, Crown Corporation, Vatican Corporation, Hometown Hospital or POB and local government agencies under whose charter(s) the state of Your State operates and did, without informed consent and without Lawful authorization participate in or take/steal/confiscate the plans, data, name and other genetic and unique material surrounding the construction, maintenance and identification of said vessel and did use/sell/hide these plans, data and information as means of enslaving and utilizing said vessel for personal and corporate profit and gain. In addition these officers, agents and professionals representing Crown, Vatican, state, local and professional authority's did, by means of criminal manipulation of parental vessels, pirate/steal/confiscate the future freedom, wealth, labor and productivity of My private vessel christened Legal Name. With malice and forethought the organizations and employees/agents did unlawfully and criminally register said name Legal Name as property of one Elizabeth Windsor et al, and/or Crown and/or Vatican corporate and private entities under and part of her joint Crown/Vatican domain. I, the living and sovereign entity, creator, builder and perpetual owner of the vessel in question and creator of its christened name Legal Name demand from You, as elected public servant serving as administrator for the sovereign and nonsovereign residents of the state of Your State on the continent of America the following:

    The immediate return of the private name Legal Name to its original and intended position on and with the vessel in question with all original documentation, all genetic and non genetic data, modified or unmodified, all openly and occultly stored duplicate data, and any and all unclaimed property, known or unknown, hidden or unhidden in principle or in spirit.

    The immediate return of all principal, all interest and all profits acquired by the unlawful and illegal use of these plans, name, data, information and financial bonds, including Birth bonds by the Crown Corporation, Vatican Corporation and their subsidiaries, contractors, employees, bondholders, owners and beneficiaries, both knowing and unknowing.

    The immediate return of all unlawful interest and principal paid directly to Crown owned banks and financial institutions by the nameless vessel in its life pursuits.

    The immediate return of all tribute paid to Elizabeth Windsor et al, the Crown corporation, the Vatican corporation and their agents or benefactors in the form of income taxation, fees and tribute.

    The permanent and immutable cancellation of all written, verbal or implied debts and contracts known or unknown by Me or my person to Elizabeth Windsor et al, the Crown Corporation, the Vatican Corporation and all personal and corporate organizations or entities, tangible or intangible within their corporate structure or influence.

    Property is to be returned or suitable timetable provided to my [B]vessel at its berth, located at Your Address, usA, Continent of America within 30 days of your certified and registered receipt of this document.

    Refusal or neglect on the part of the Attorney General, the United States Corporation, the state of Your State, the Crown Corporation, the Vatican Corporation, or their private ecclesiastical court system and administrators/agents/enforcers to return these possessions to the rightful and Lawful owner or engage in reasonable and good faith arbitration will provide unswerving evidence that You as Attorney General of and for the state of Your State and representative of the parent Crown Corporation and Vatican Corporation are/were complicit in knowingly and willingly conducting and/or condoning a criminal and fraudulent act upon a private and sovereign entity as well as His Person with intent to deceive, resulting in bonded slavery. These are felonies of immeasurable earthly and immutable Universal consequences.


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    Default Re: Ok Councilors This Applies to the Entire Legal System. Got a Response


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    Default Re: Ok Councilors This Applies to the Entire Legal System. Got a Response

    What if your post actually contained something of value?

    Think deeply.

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    Default Re: Ok Councilors This Applies to the Entire Legal System. Got a Response

    Oh, do shut up.

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