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    Default Emancipation Laws in Alberta

    hello. i am a 14 yr old female and i will be 15 in september. i am currently on the search for details of the emancipation laws in alberta because i am looking to apply (obviously) and i havent found that much information. i am not abused in anyway. i have a steady job, already pay my phone bills and buy my food. i am just very unhappy at home and i have felt this way for 2 years. i feel i am mature enough to make it on my own although legally i cannot. i have talked to my parents about my unhappiness on numerous occasions but they simply brushed it off. i cannot say that i would like to live with a relative because i have none. i need to get everything legalized so that i can move out. my parents would lock me up if i told them i would do it without bringing it to court. so please, i need details on the laws and if u can tell me whether or not i actually have a chance of being declared an emancipated minor.

    thank you

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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws in Alberta

    This site deals primarily with US law, so we may be of little help here.

    From what I read, Canada has no laws specifically addressing the emancipation of minors. The law appears to require that a parent support you until you are 16 and that you stay in school. However, while you might be able to move out at 16, you still cannot enter into a contract (like a lease) until 18.

    You might want to check with your local courts and see if they have any juvenile law references or Family Court resources that can give you the straight scoop.
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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws in Alberta

    In the US, a minor is not going to be emancipated because they are unhappy at home. I have no reason to think that Canada is any different.

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