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    Default Is My Money Protected if I Remarry

    My question involves estate planning in the state of: NJ

    My spouse passed away 5 years ago and I was left with a substantial amount of money. If I were to remarry and my new spouse got sick and ended up in a nursing home would they be able to take my money. It's in my name in a separate account that I acquired when I became widowed.

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    Default Re: Is My Money Protected if I Remarry

    from a very quick read, it appears New Jersey still enforces the doctrine of necessaries regarding debts of couples. That would mean that you can be held liable for debts incurred by your spouse for medical treatment, housing, food, and the like.

    that means, in a roundabout way, yes, they can get to your money because once the debt becomes yours, your money is accessible to them.

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