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    Default Collections after chapter 7

    i filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in october 2005. it was discharged in febuary 2006. one of my creditors and i made arrangements for me to pay off a debt that i could not discharge of $18,000. i have made $1,000 payments for the last 9 months. however, i have found myself in financial trouble and am unable to continue to pay that amount. i have asked if i can pay an amount off $450 a month and they have refused. they are making threats of having me arrested. i have no idea why since i have made good on $9000 of the amount due. what can i do? i live in california.

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    Default Re: Collections after chapter 7

    I doubt that they have any basis to threaten arrest unless there's a lot more to this story than you shared - loans are civil matters. Is this threat coming from the creditor itself, or from a collection agency working on its behalf?

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