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    Default Secondary Injury While on Indiana Work Comp

    I have had 2 surgeries on my foot for Morton's Nuroma. After I was released I was told to wear a surgical boot which immobilized my entire foot up to my knee. One week after second surgery I fell and injured my elbow due to losing my balance in the surgical boot. I reported the fall and injury to my Caseworker. Today the Caseworker got authorization to x-ray my elbow, my CTS Doctor reviewed it and said it was not broken. I have suffered some lose in range of motion in the elbow and in pain when it is moved. I have been for the last several weeks in physical therapy with my foot while this has been going on.

    My question is that can this be covered under WC since the fall was in direct connection to me required, by the Doctor, to wear the surgical boot while recuperating at home. I was advised by my physical therapist that I am going to need physical therapy on this injury before any further damage is caused.

    I was advised later this afternoon that the fall was not work related and that I would have to see my personal Doctor for any further therapy.

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    Default Re: Secondary Injury While on Indiana Work Comp

    I think claiming the second injury under workers comp is going to be a rrrreeeaaalll stretch.

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