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    Default Age At Which You Can Move Out

    My daughter's boyfrind is 17 years old, he will be 18 in February. Since he is so close to being 18 can he legally move out of his house? It is likely that his parents will call the police, what can they do legally? Will he be considered a runaway? He cannot get his parents to approve emancipation. He is grounded constantly by his parents, which I believe they are doing because they don't want him with my daughter, which I think they are going about it wrong. However, he is very interested in what his legal rights are being close to 18. Will have to wait for his birthday to move out?

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    Default Moving Out at 17-1/2

    He is still a minor and, unless emancipated, doesn't have the legal right to move out. It is possible that he would be treated as a runaway. However, realistically, enforcement of the living situation of a 17-1/2-year-old would be a very low priority for the police.

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