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    Default Is Re-Entry Possible on ESTA After Admittance on I-193

    Hello experts !

    I was admitted to the US on an I-193 until 10/10/2014 and want to carefully consider my next step.
    If I would leave the country before the expiry date, could I possibly re-enter the US in the nearby future on an ESTA, just for a visit ?
    And if so - pending approval - would this procedure in any way compromise a future application for an I-485 for which the first petition is being processed ?

    Many Thanks in advance for any helpful response.

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    Default Re: Is Re-Entry Possible on ESTA After Admittance on I-193

    Have you now replaced your passport and, if applicable, visa?

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    Default Re: Is Re-Entry Possible on ESTA After Admittance on I-193

    Thank you for your response.
    I have just decided to book a ticket and return to the US consulate in my home country of The Netherlands to have a new H4 visa issued in my passport.
    My problem was apparently that I applied for and received petition I-797A - extension of stay - while under the presumption that it was a visa-extension and being confirmed by the local USCIS office as such with the words:
    "You are good to go, just staple this in your passport with your (expired) visa".
    I took those words too literally and was able to leave and re-enter the country unknowingly with this form I-797A stapled in my passport 3 consecutive times, until earlier this week while entering POE San Francisco, where I received the I-193 and where it was explained to me what the problem was.

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