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    Default Billed for Hospital Care Provided Several Years Ago

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New York

    I just got two bills from a collection agency about services provided at a local hospital. The first one totals $235 and the service date was from 7/08-8/08. The next one is for $205 and dated 6/10 and 7/10. I never got a bill for any of these services. I also had health insurance at the time. I am truly baffled why they would all of a sudden claim I owe this money 4 and 6 years later! I am going to call and find out what the deal is with them. It would seem that if I owed the hospital money, they should of attempted to collect sooner!

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    Default Re: Mystery Medical Bills

    maybe they should have but if they didn't, they didn't.

    Whether you paid it at the time or now, what difference does it make? Wouldn't you have paid it then? So why is it a problem with just paying your debt now?

    the statute of limitations for a contract is 6 years in New York so they may not be able to sue successfully on the oldest debt.

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