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    Default Verifying a Name Change

    My grandmother (still living) had her last name legally changed In Illinois around 1948. My mother's birth certificate indicates my grandmother's maiden name as the new last name, however I need a government document certifying that my grandmother, with her original name, is the person who gave birth to my mother. Where/How could I find such a document? My grandmother got married after her name change, so her certificate shows her marrying with her new last name. I need this for a genealogy-related foreign legal matter.

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    Default Re: Verifying a Name Change

    Should we infer that this is for some sort of immigration issue in the nation where your grandmother was born, and thus that she was not born in Illinois?

    Does your grandmother know which county she was in when she petitioned for her name change? If so, have you checked with that county's courts to see if they have archived the records from that era? Sometimes old court records are not available.

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    She petitioned a court in Chicago, Illinois in 1948 to change her last name, in order to make it sound more American. She immigrated about 10 years before the petition, as a child. I do have a copy of her naturalization certificate. I need to prove to the country where she was born that she is the same person that left that country. While I have her naturalization certificate for the USA, she changed her last name before marriage. Thus, I need to prove that she under her new name is the same person as her old last name. Her marriage certificate lists her maiden name as the one after the change. I tried to find who to contact in Illinois, however use to my lack of familiarity with the subject, I was not successful. Is there either a federal agency that would have such records, or a local court in Illinois that responds to such in questions? I don't know where in Illinois she petitioned.

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    Quote Quoting agolden1
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    She petitioned a court in Chicago, Illinois in 1948 to change her last name...
    Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Archives

    "Established in 1992, the Archives of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County collects, preserves, and makes available to researchers the non-current records created by the Cook County Court systems. Holdings date from the 1871 Chicago Fire." The name changes are under LAW AND CHANCERY CASES*.

    Request a Search. Click at the bottom of that page where it says Record Search Form.

    Just Moi

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