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    Default USPS Mail Delivery Rules

    I have a question about USPS mail delivery rules, especially in California.
    1. What sort of mail will be f/wed when a customer places a change of address request with the local PO ? Is it ALL mail delivered to the former residence or would it only be mail that is specifically addressed to the resident(s) in question ?

    2. If it is the latter, what happens to unaddressed mail (such as those addressed to "Resident" or "Current Resident" or the unaddressed local grocery / marketing flyers / coupon books etc) ? Would these continue to be delivered to the former (vacant) home ?

    3. Is it true that you cannot install a new mail slot (on the front door or on the garage) to a residence that is currently being serviced by the USPS ? I read somewhere that the mail carrier will ONLY deliver to the mail box that has always acted as the mail receptacle and not to any newly installed slots (even if it is on the property and addressed to the owner of the home) !!! This sounds fishy to me and lacks logic, but we never know.

    4. What are some ways to prevent the junk mail from building up at the vacant home and thus attracting the attention of vandals and criminals ? (All current professional, business and personal acquaintances have already been informed of the move and given the new address).

    Since the PO knows that the former homeowners have moved and is in receipt of the f/wring address, I am only concerned about mail addressed to "Resident" & the unnamed junk coupon / marketing fliers !!

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: USPS Mail Delivery Rules

    I've pretty certain it works the same way in all 50 states, the USPS being nation-wide and all. I know in my neck of the woods if a home is unoccupied, it does not receive any of the usual junk mail. But if you are that concerned about it, just notify your local PO.

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