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    Default Fired because I wont take my boss's wife on errands


    Im angry and hurt as well as upset,, I have worked for an INSURANCE agency for 2 years ( by the way he had us writing insurance and we are not licensed!) As a favor I brought the boss' wife to the vet every morning on the weekends and usually every wednesday and sometimes thursday. as well as holidays- this has been going on since february maybe. last year the same thing happened, they asked me every weekenbd to do it and after about a month I lost it and told them I have to seperate work from home I am young, go out on the weekends, but I lost my life (both times) because I haad to be in bed by 10 pm so that I could get up at 7 am the next morning to get her- occasionally she would give me 10 $ for gas but not all the time.

    anyway this past weekend I told her I could not pick her up on july 4th I have a wedding to attend and I want to have a break.

    well she threw a fit slammed bmy car door and said I d be sorry I did this and shell hire someone else (to ddrive her around) first of all she didnt HIRE me to drive her around I worked 40 + hours a week at the office! not for HER.

    anyway to make this brief..yesterday I went in as usual, I was treated like crap! he wouldnt answer my questions when I had a customer concern and so on, then she called 6 times within 2 hours SCREAMING CURSING THREATENING ME 0 and I hung up all those times without saying anything besides STOP CURSING AT ME.

    well she calls and tells her husband my boss that I called her a B@#ch. well I DID NOT! it is a tiny office and my coworker as well as boss would have heard me and said something.

    well, he asked me if I did when I told him no he said to his wfie ( on the phone ) that it figures that I would lie about that and I turned around and told him I wasnt lying and that I shouldnt have to deal with this it has noithing to do with my job. and thats when he saifd loud angrily embarassingly GOODBYE ANGELA

    so I left, he chased me outside ripped my car door open(as we were struggling- he ripped it too hard and it popped) grabbed my arm (pinched) and screamed and hollered at me- finally I elbowed him and shut the door locked it and he banged on the window demanding I give him his keys, I was shaking and i gave him ther wrong keys by accident, i didnt realize until I was home and couldnt get in my house, my husband was home thank God and I got in. I called the office and told the secretary that I would come back the next day to exchange keys but I wanted my husband to be there and she said shed tell the boss. I got phone calls begging me to come back and I told them ID think about it, but then left a message sayting no thanks.

    later that night I get a call from the police and asked to come to the station with the keyts, my boss told them i RESIGNED and wouldnt give him the keys, anyway. I was not going to go to the cop[s about my door since I cared for this man, but now I have to.

    when I tried to press charges because there is damage to my door , they told me that HE (boss) can have me arrested for larceny !!!

    where does it end ???
    I Ohave called unemployment but who do I call for wrongful tewrmination and also to report that we wer enot licensed and we were wrting insurance????help - If I dont answer you right away it means I havent checked my ermail i dont have a compouter right now thanks

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    Default Wrongful Termination

    If you are interested in pursuing a wrongful termination claim, you would want to schedule a consultation with a plaintiff-side employment lawyer in your state.

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