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    Default I Just Left My Husband

    A couple of months ago, I finally had it and left my husband. We have grown children, and lived in a rental house. I had a personal protection order on him , which didn't put him out of the house, he was unemployed for over 5 years, and wouldn't even look for work. He sat around drunk all the time and had been arrested 3 times for domestic violence against me and the grown children. His next ploy was to plant drugs in the house and have us all arrested. The last time he was falling down drunk, I slept in the car so I could get up and go to work in the morning, he was playing music so loud no one in the house could sleep. The next day he called the police and told them my son beat the crap out of him. I came home from work and the police gave him a choice of going to jail or to the hospital for observation. he chose the hospital. they drew blood and he registered a .277 this was the next morning. While he was gone, I packed up about 1/3 of my stuff and left, I left my job of 10 years, and the state and went to my mothers. I left him the car, 2/3 of the stuff and the rent paid for 26 days. I heard he was evected for not paying the rent and I am not sure where is is. Can he sue me for abandonment or try to get support when I do get working?

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    Default Re: I just left Michigan

    If I leave the house, can my spouse charge me with abandonment?
    A divorce case is not a criminal proceeding, therefore you cannot be “charged” with anything. If you leave your children and disappear, it is possible that the State of Michigan may charge you with criminal neglect due to abandonment. Otherwise the term abandonment is really not one used in a divorce proceeding. Although, there are certain things you need to know if you are considering leaving the martial home during the proceedings:

    1. If you leave the house for the short period of time during the pendency of the divorce proceeding, you will not loose your share of the equity in the house. However, the longer you are gone, the more likely you will loose your share of the equity.
    2. You may be placing yourself in a position where all your personal items that you leave at the home somehow “disappear” or are destroyed.
    3. If you leave the home, your spouse may file with the court for an “Order for Exclusive Occupancy” allowing that only he/she is entitled to stay in the home during the divorce proceeding, and that you cannot return to the home.
    4. If you leave the home during the pendency of the divorce, the court may still require you to pay part of the household bills during the divorce.
    5. If you leave the home during the pendency of the divorce, you may loose your claim for the home to be awarded to you.
    6. If you leave the home and you leave the children at the home with your spouse, you may loose the possibility of receiving custody of the children.

    Can he get support when I do get working?
    Depends on who has the children? And how old are they?

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