My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

Here is the situation: A portion of my tuition wasn't paid for my loans (my federal loans are completely and 100% paid for) at this one institution that I spent 1 semester at and didn't finish for personal reasons. It was in collections directly after it happened, I paid a few payments (about 6 months), and that collection agency went out of business (or closed, or was fired). I never heard anything else about it. Not that I didn't OWE the debt. But I never moved and I figured I would hear from the person who would assume the debt because I heard from the agency who was no longer servicing it.

So here I am, 11 years after the date I attended and left the school. Again, this is tuition due directly to the University, not loans to the government. The Collection agency called and threatened to sue me, my kids, go to my husband's command (he is military), and put a lien on my house, if I owned one (he didn't know), if the balance wasn't paid immediately. I want to know if this is him just talking air or if this is a real concern. I realize this is a harassing tactic on his part, but I need to know legally if there is any standing; if tuition is the same an education loan.

Is there a time frame on collecting on debts like this?