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    Unhappy Guardian ad Litem is Hurting My Case

    The GAL for my case made her "verbal recommendations" last August. My daughter, whom I had sole custody of the 1st 9 years of her life I lost in her decision. A little history, I was dumb enough to sign a modification to let my daughter who is now 11 1/2 spend what we thought was 2 years in Colorado with her father just to spend a little more time with him. I was trying to be a good parent and give my daughter the time i felt she needed with him. I was trying to be generous. I'm in Indiana. Well, the paperwork was not in my favor (his lawyer was there, I didn't have one) and I got screwed. 2 years came and went and he decided to keep her.

    Anyway, since the GAL's "verbal recommendation" her father and his wife have systematically tried to erase me from my daughters life, which is exactly what I told her they would do if she let my daughter return to Colorado. I had plenty of opportunity to file various contempt charges on him but my ex-attorney (fired her yesterday) said we can't because there is no "official" order filed with the courts of Allen County, Indiana.

    My question is: How the hell can this GAL take advantage of this and keep dragging this out? She totally screwed up this case and believes only my daugher's father. He is mentally abusing my daughter and of course it is only hearsay so I can't prove it. He went as far as banning my daughter from the mailboxes because she sneaked a letter to me in her neighbors mailbox in Colorado. She wants to come home. Her grades went from A's and B's to mostly C-'s. She depressed and has a negative self-image. This GAL is just covering her *ss and letting him get away with this. She actually took less than 2 weeks to decide my case and even admitted she didn't have enough time but sent her to Colorado because she had good grades....huh??? I just don't get it.

    What can I do (and my new attorney when I hire one) to "make her" file with the courts? I have no visitation listed with my daughter. I have to just take it and watch my daughter suffer and struggle. My eldest daughter (not his) is depressed and misses her sissy whom she was raised with for the 1st 9 years; she's 14.

    Hope someone can give me some guidance. I'm sick of this legal system that can give power to a GAL who totally cluster-f'd my case. By the way, I was also dumb enough to sign a paper giving that GAL full authority on deciding where my kid should stay....we never seen a judge. Word of advice for anybody considering this: DON'T! You have no way out of it.

    Thank you! You can email me privately if you choose:

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    Default Re: Guardian ad Litem from hell

    Talk to your lawyer about the possibility of having the GAL replaced. Note, though, that in about half of the custody cases involving a GAL, somebody is fuming about the GAL's incompetence and bias.

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    Angry Re: Guardian ad Litem from hell

    You and everyone else that decides to use a Guardian ad litem must remember most of them are BIASED in the first place and there is nothing you can do about their wrong doings since they are all immune against law suits. I have myself searched high and low on how to sue
    a very biased GAL but am still stuck with no suggestion and still without
    my sons.

    My GAL went to the extent to speak to a psychologist about my mild nervous disorder related to my X husbands abuse well when the Psychologist told her things in MY FAVOR she did not believe him and went to the INTERNET to do her research that she actually used in the report against me.

    Then to find out she had "close personal friends" in the small town which my X husband if from and My X husband owns the only grocery store in the entire town and has owned it (or his father has owned it since my x was born) I was an outsider to this town while he was born and raised here.

    I lost my sons over a year ago and have 2 appeals infront of the appeals court right now concerning my sons AND have spent over 150,000 dollors trying to get my sons back.
    My x never wanted them till i filed for the divorce. He had DNA test done on my oldest and was never ever at home. His parents denied i was even pregnant until i was 28 weeks pregnant and My x and i had been dating for 10 years before I got pregnant with my first. SEE THE PICTURE NO ONE WANTED THEM BUT ME AND HE AND HIS FAMILY NOW HAVE THEM. His mother acting as their new mom and he still being an ass. I am Stuck with nothing I have no legal or physical to these 2 precious sons that i wanted before they were born. MY x's mother has more rights to my sons than I do because of this GAL.

    I would recommend that anyone who has the option of using a GAL. DONT USE ONE THEY ARE ALL BIASED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

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    Default Re: Guardian ad Litem from hell

    Call the Dept of Children and families in your husbands state and file a complaint of mental abuse and provide the necessary documentation to back it up

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