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    Default Problem with Animal Rescue Group

    I have never heard of anything like this before so I dont know if this would be a business or collection dispute or what. Sorry if I put it in the wrong area.

    On June 3rd, I adopted a puppy from an animal rescue group. Two weeks after having the pup they tell me that they are coming to get the puppy b/c I have a male dog that is not neutered. No where in my contract does it state that my male dog has to be neutered. So I tell them they cant get the pup back b/c she is mine and I have a contract stating so.

    On June 22, I have a knock at the door and it is the sheriff's department and the woman whom I adopted the pup from. They have a court order telling me to return the pup for Breach of contract. As I am reading the court order and Restraining order, I notice that there is a copy of our contract attached to the back of it.. As I look over everything, I notice that they added in handwriting that I agree to neuter my male dog. (this is NOT on my contract)

    The court order states 1) I broke the contract by not neutering my male dog.. I have a contract that does NOT have this written on it. 2) They feel I will breed the dogs which is a breach of contract but further down the page it states that the female pup is spayed. So how can I breed them if the female doesnt have the parts? 3) They say I did not pay the fee for adoption: I have 2 cashed checks that I wrote out to them. 4) They got a restraining order against me saying I was a potential danger to them AND the dog.. I had this pup for 3 weeks why would I abuse her now?

    I have a court date for the restraining order and they are suing me for the court costs, attorney fees, and any expense occured by this.

    **Does this sound right? Something doesnt sound right with this rescue group... How can I find out if they have done this to others? Can I sue them for slander? Or embrassment? Harassment or false charges?? What are my legal rights?? My DH has to go to formal events and the other night when we went there were police officers there.. I was so embrassed about them having to come to my house and remove the pup.. ops:

    I have had to obtain a sleeping prescription from my doctor b/c of the stress I have been under. I wasnt sleeping b/c of this. I have been afraid of leaving my home b/c I was fearing that someone would come to take them away while I was out ...

    Any ideas? Help? Please?

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    Default Problem with Adopted Dog

    If you are a homeowner, you may wish to notify your homeowner's insurance carrier about the claim. I don't know if they will cover you, but they may provide some initial assistance with the pleadings while they figure out if you have coverage for this claim.

    You need to file an answer to their complaint. If you have a copy of the contract as it was when you signed it, make sure you don't lose that copy.

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    Thanks for the advice! I would never have thought that adopting a pet would land me in court. We thought we were doing something good by adopting a pet instead of supporting a breeder.

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