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    Default Extension of a Restraining Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: CT

    I have a restraining order against me that is set to expire on 3-31-2014. I received notice from the plaintiff via the mail that an extension request was filed. I have heard nothing from the court and because it is a restraining order there is nothing online to see.

    In CT for a restraining order to be extended must there be a court appearance? If I hear nothing from the court prior to the expiration date does that mean the order was allowed to expire?

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    Default Re: Extension of a Restraining Order

    This overview was written for petitioners, but captures the essence.
    Quote Quoting The Court Hearing
    You must go to the hearing if you want the court to give you a restraining order, if it hasn’t given you one already, or to extend the restraining order if it already gave you one. During the hearing you will be able to tell the Judge why you want the restraining order or why you want to extend one.
    I suggest not assuming a thing. If the notice served on you does not include a court date, investigate with the court to determine if the case is on the docket and periodically re-verify until they can assure you that the matter is closed.

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