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    Exclamation Owner Filed Bankruptcy We Recieved a Discharge of Debtor from Bankruptcy

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Texas

    My husband worked for a company in 2009 and they never paid him. We immediately filed with Texas Workforce Commission. They determined we were owed the money. We went through hearings and still TWC determined we were owed the money. TWC placed a lien and still nothing. Two years later we received a order to appear in court so my husband took off of work and by now all the employees but four had given up and didn't show. After spending hours in the court room they called my husband and the men up and asked him how they plead. None of us had any clue what he was talking about. A very nice lawyer came and sat down beside me and asked what we were being sued for. She said that it was a scare tactic by his employer. Turns out the owner or the employer showed up. We continued to try to get our money with TWC and was told they have done everything that we would have to wait. January of this year 2014 we received a letter from TWC saying they have to let the case go and everything to do with it because the owner was filing bankruptcy. They gave us the information to the bankruptcy court and the form to fill out to submit our wage claim. Along with the form and all of TWC documents containing the wage claim determination along with their demands to pay us. We never heard a word until today saying Discharge of debt under 727 of title 11.

    The owner owes us over $3,000. When the pay day was missed they gave us the run around about oh it will be there, someone messed up... Hang in there keep working you should have it any day. The company went under 3 days before our daughter was born. We have tried to do the right thing from the beginning and follow everything to a "T". My husband being the honorable person he was continued to work so the company wouldn't get behind and taking them for their word. Until he came in and they said go home the company is no more. We suffered for years playing catch up over the debt. We never asked for anything more than what my husband worked very hard for. What can we do? Can I get a lawyer and sue them?

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    Default Re: Owner Filed Bankruptcy We Recieved a Discharge of Debtor from Bankruptcy

    this is the wrong forum for your question.
    this board is for those with work injuries and a workers compensation insurance claim.
    try the Compensation, terms of employment forum

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    Default Re: Owner Filed Bankruptcy We Recieved a Discharge of Debtor from Bankruptcy

    Thank you. I am quite oblivious to all of this. We don't not even know where to start.

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