My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida
Hello. I shipped a package to a person who uses a postal box at a private retail store in Florida. I had USPS tracking, and extra insurance. When the tracking showed "delivered", the recipient, went to his box at the store, and there was no package. Two days later, still no package. He asked me to call the store manager. I spoke with her, she said the signature confirmation provided by her employee on the USPS tracking receipt, was a signature for a bin of multiple packages that come in to their store, that might have hundreds of packages in them. She said, they could not possibly go through the whole bin when they sign for the receipt of the bin. I told her, the USPS will probably not honor my insurance, once they have a signature for receipt of the package. She told me there is nothing she could do, she looked all around the store, and I should call the USPS. Besides that, she said every item that has a tracking number, is entered into a system into the store once they unpack the bin, and there is no record of my tracking number. So she thinks the package may have erroneously have been entered on that bin manifest, when the package actually is somewhere else. This has been from March 11 to today, March 20, with no word about the package from anyone. I did place a package inquiry with the USPS, but they did not get to investigate this yet. They say it will take 24 to 48 hours to call me back.
Assuming the package is not found, who, if anyone, is responsible for the value of the contents of the package, which was a expensive smartphone?
Also, what order of other actions should I take that are available to me from the USPS?
1) I could file a claim for the insurance, but I almost certainly think that will get denied due to the signature delivery confirmation at the correct address by a store employee.
2) The USPS has a theft report I could submit. The problem is, the report asks who may have stolen the package. The package possibly could have been stolen in the store, it doesn't even have to be an employee. I know nothing about the bin process, if the store gets left alone during lunch, if there were contractors working in the store, etc.
But also, I assume there was a possibility it was stolen while in route through the USPS, and this bin manifest just assumes the package is still in the bin when it gets signed for at the store.
Any suggestions on how to proceed if the USPS thinks everything was delivered normally, and they will not honor the insurance because they consider the package to be delivered? Thanks.