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    Post Can an Employer Deny an Employee Discount

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California.

    Recently at work, a couple of employee members that were on their day off, came into the establishment and was having a Sunday Brunch and ordering a few drinks and menu items. I personally do not know the whole situation, but over hearing a manager asking the owner if she could not give them their employee discount. The employee discount is 50% off of food items up to four people in the party, per employee. There were two employees and two members of their family. Overhearing the statement, I am curious if it's a violation of some code or if that's really feasible?

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    Nope. That is an internal perk and not subject to legal regulations.

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    What discounts an employer gives to his employees is up to him. As long as he doesn't use them as a means to violate Title VII and related laws, the law does not give one hoot whether he provides a discount according to his own policy or not.

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    This is allowed whether the employees are working or it is a day off - employer decision. (as long as no discrimination & related laws are violated as noted by cbg above)

    Discounted meals are a common benefit to restaurant workers.

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