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    Default Collecting for Services Rendered

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Georgia

    I have a medical billing service where I have contracts with Providers (Doctors, Clinics) to bill their medical insurance claims. I have a Dr. that has not paid for services rendered for over 90 days, and has written on a fax to me that "the check is in the mail". No check has arrived for over 30 days since, and he will not take my phone calls. I have stopped working his claims and have relayed that to him until he pays in full. No correspondence from him. All this is written out in my contract with him, and also a late fee agreement, which I have applied to his bill. Can I file "Theft of Services" against him, or take him to small claims court? The total bill is about $650. What is my best plan of attack to collect this debt?

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    Default Re: Collecting for Services Rendered

    You can't file "theft of services" charges over a nonpayment issue. That's not even close to constituting theft of services.

    You can sue him in magistrate's court for the money he owes.

    Your best plan of attack depends upon a wide variety of factors that we cannot know, starting with why he's not paying.

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