For some newcomers:

The legal consequences of shoplifting can include any or all of the following penalties: jail or prison time, punitive fines, community service hours, and more. Offenders are often prohibited from entering the place of business from which they stole goods. Teenage offender’s parents will most often be notified immediately if their child is caught shoplifting.

If you have been accused of shoplifting, it is important to seek the immediate assistance of an experienced criminal law lawyer who can inform you of the shoplifting laws in your state, protect your legal rights, and maximize your interests.

In some shoplifting cases when the value of the goods is minor and it is a first time offense, perhaps committed by a minor, the criminal justice system will issue a warning to the shoplifting offender rather than prosecute the case. This depends wholly on the circumstances, and does not mitigate the unlawfulness of shoplifting.