My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Texas

Back in September of 2013 my girlfriend at the time had totaled her car in an accident. The vehicle was under my insurance and we had found another vehicle in November. We agreed to put the title and the loan in both of our names(title has "or" in between our names). I was the one making the payments on the vehicle as she was not working but we had split in January of 2014 after I found out she was seeing another man. I had refused to make the payments on the car note and had asked numerous times to refinance the vehicle to take my name off both the title and the loan. Since then she has refused to respond and pay for anything. I have talked to my bank since they are the lien holders to the car and asked for voluntary surrender forms but my ex has not complied to it. Are there any other options to take the vehicle off my hands? I didn't mind having it repossessed and paying off the difference but I didn't want to have my credit ruined in the process but I just don't want to pay on a vehicle when her boyfriend can since we are not together anymore. Thank you!