My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

Ok the situation is I got an amazon store card and then lost my job and have not had one for a couple years and I finally got one, I found out portfolio recovery was suing me I contacted them and set up a payment plan for 300 a month(the total charge is 1349.00) well I found out they got a default judgement against me yesterday. I have made a payment havent been late since the agree ment pay on the tenth of every month. does this default judgement mean they will automatically start garnishing my wages? I do not understand what it means as I thought since we can to a payment agreement they would cancel the court thing.

I am paying them and have no issues paying them as it is my debt, but I am worried they will garnish my wages even though we have an agreement.

So my question si can they start garnishing wages the same day they win the default judgement?