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    Default Taking name off lease agreement

    I live in virginia beach, va. I am attempting to get an apartment with a friend, however my name is on a lease with my ex-fiance. We are no longer going to be living together, because we broke off our engagement. I called my apartment leasing office, and they have told me that under no terms can I remove my name from the lease, because it is a legally binding contract. However they'll let my fiance add a new name to the lease. If they can alter the lease by adding someone, why won't they take mine off? Is it legal to refuse to take someone's name off a lease? I don't have a copy of my lease agreement, but have asked for a copy so i can look at it. I have previously been leased at another apartment where a person was removed from the lease, and I was added onto it. However this management is refusing to do so. Can they do that?

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    Default Landlord Won't Take Name Off of Lease

    The landlord leased the apartment to you and your ex-fiance, and you are both responsible for the rent. The landlord does not want to take your name off of the lease, as then they won't have recourse against you if your ex-fiance stops paying the rent, or owes for damage to the unit at the conclusion of the lease. The lease is a contract - they don't have to take your name off just because you moved out.

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