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    Default Can You Disclose a Contract's Confidentiality Clause

    My question involves business law in the state of: California
    This is kind of a catch 22. Let's I sign a contract that has a confidentiality clause including terms of the contract (example: a TV show that doesn't want you to talk about anything that happens on set or anything). Then let's say I am asked questions about the TV show. Can I say "Sorry I can't talk about that because there's a confidentiality clause in my contract". Technically the confidentiality clause itself is a term of the contract. So am I in breach of the contract right then and there for saying that there's a confidentiality clause?

    BTW this has nothing to do with Man Vs Wild my user name. I just like the show.

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    Default Re: Can You Disclose a Contract's Confidentiality Clause

    If you want to know if your contract prohibits your disclosure of the confidentiality clause, you would need to actually read the language in the contract. Also, the manner of the disclosure of the clause might hint at or reveal other aspects of the confidential settlement, even if the contract itself does not prohibit disclosing the fact that you settled subject to a confidentiality clause.

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