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    Default Can You Terminate Child Support if Your Child is 18 and is Failing High School

    My question involves child support in the State of: North Carolina. My step son is 18 years old and is still in high school. His mother held him back for her own benefit. We got a lawyer and he told us to get a copy of his school records and he had to be passing and his attendance had to be within limits. Well he is failing every class and had over 25 unexcused absences. Our lawyer said by NC law, and that is what she must base her ruling on, that since he is an adult then it must be terminated. Well the judge said she would put a temporary hold on it until the end of June and then we have to go back to court and she will reevaluate it. I just don't understand. He will be 19 in May and I am sure he will fail this year and his mother will enroll him again for next year. The law is clear on the fact that he has to attend regularly and make passing grades. The judge clearly did not base her decision on the law but her own feelings. Can we do anything about this? Child support is so unfair to men. My husband has always paid and does not owe any arrears. Even the opposing council for his ex wife (child support) agreed that it should stop. How can she completely ignore the law? Is there anything we can do because I have a bad feeling she is going to make us start paying again if he goes to high school for another year.

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    Default Re: What Can We Do if a Judge Gives an Unfair Ruling

    It is still conceivable to flunk a few classes, pass the year and graduate. Thank the government.

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