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    Default Can You Continue to Attend a School if You Move During the School Year

    My question involves education law in the State of: Oklahoma
    I recently moved out of my child's school district. I reviewed the schools policy on moving out of the district. And it States as long as the child began the school year out in the district then they can finish the year. When I told the school that they told me states till had yo transfer. Can they do that? When the policy states she can finish.

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    Default Re: School Policies

    The facts matter. You pointed out the policy to them. They replied, "That policy does not apply to your case because _______"

    If you can link to the policy, then the rest of us will be able to review it as well.

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    Default Re: School Policies

    And please keep it all in the same thread. You now have three threads going on the same subject. Apparently there seems to be some disagreement whether your child was EVER legitimately enrolled in the district this year.

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