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    Default Will the Police Review a Suspect's Medical Records


    My brother has been arrested on historic sexual abuse charges dating back 10 years.

    He has been questioned and released on bail pending further investigations. My brother is innocent, we strongly believe that these allegations are being made to get "revenge" on my family over a bitter dispute with the accusers family many years ago. He has explained this to the police but they are still going to carry out a full investigation, which I appreciate.

    My question is simple,

    During the investigation, what is the likelihood that my brothers medical records are checked. We both come from an abusive background. We were both sexual abused by our late father and these memories have only recently come back to haunt my brother. He visited his GP in 2012 to talk about those distressing times, which were dead and gone, but in the light of recent media coverage of historic abuse stories, he has been brought back to the front of his mind.

    He is now scared that if the police access the GP records, they will put two and two together and assume he did it because he came from an abusive background.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.



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    I forgot to mention that I am in the UK

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    Default Re: Evidence Gathering

    UK procedures and laws are different from US law which is all this site deals with.

    Try this British Legal forum:

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