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    Default Re: How Long Can Someone Be Held in Jail on a Warrant

    Disagreeable - He was never released. And actually you can do that it's called rebooking someone for a new charge.

    I.E.: An individual is in jail for burglary but while in custody it's discovered they have a warrant, they are then brought to wherever in the jail facility that they have the booking station and they rebook them for the new warrant. Or same goes if they commit a new offense while in custody like assault etc.

    Let's just assume I'm right (I know it's tough but just for a minute) and say he was originally booked for both the new charge and the warrant. The warrant was not at all addressed in the first court not one single word about it, but for the first court he was ordered to be released on OR. Then he goes back to the holding area and the sheriffs deputies are looking at what he was booked for initially and they say oh he has this other thing he was booked for that he also has to go to traffic court at the other courthouse for so we have to hold him in custody until we take him there.

    Isn't that entirely possible and most likely what actually happened?

    Otherwise please describe a situation in which what you are stating you believe occurred because I'm kind of confused as to what you believe occurred.

    - - - Updated - - -

    From the end of December Regarding LA County jail: "Several cases in which visitors were taken to a break room meant for deputies at the jail and beaten. "One man visiting his brother in 2011 had his arm broken and shoulder dislocated and was locked up for five days without justification, Mr. Birotte said. The man, who was not named in the indictment, now has a permanent disability, officials said.

    The indictment also charges Sergeant Eric Gonzalez, who supervised the visitor center but no longer works for the department, along with four deputies who reported to him; each participated in at least one beating, according to the court documents. Mr. Gonzalez was accused of scolding deputies who did not use force against visitors who “disrespected” sheriffs.

    In June 2011, according to the indictment, the husband of an official with the Austrian consulate was arrested near the entrance to the visitor center. When the diplomat later asked to speak to a supervisor about her husband’s arrest, she was also arrested, although she was not charged."

    My friend said he would rather die than go back there, it is the worst jail in the country, you are deprived of rights and deputies still believe themselves to be above the law. The FBI was investigating Deputies from there and the deputies showed up at the investigating special agent's house claiming they were going to arrest her if she refused to disclose all information about the Federal investigation to them, after an LA county court judge refused to give them (the deputies) a warrant for the information. It's much worse than people actually think.

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    Default Re: How Long Can Someone Be Held in Jail on a Warrant

    If your friend would rather die than go to jail he should (a) obey the law and (b) if that's too difficult, post bail at his earliest opportunity.

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